Pirates of Penzance

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Pirates of Penzance Plot

Period 1820 - Cornwall, England

  1. 1. Pirate King. Square cut coat, short full trunks, wide belt, striped shirt, hat with skull and crossbones.
  1. His lieutenant. Similar to Richard, little simpler in style
Frederick: (Pirate Apprentice)
  1. Full short trunks, sash, wide belt, short Pirate coat or stockings and shoes.
  2. Sailor Uniform
Major General Stanley:
  1. Major General coat with gold trimmings, dark trousers, belt, sash and hat with plumes.
  2. Dressing gown
  3. Old fashioned full dress suit
  1. Sergeant of Police (English Bobby). Dark blue helmet, uniform trousers
Mabel: (General Stanley’s youngest daughter)
  1. Act I - Handsome period dress, light colored, hat and parasol
  2. Act II - Handsome dressing gown or negligee trimmed with ribbons.
Kate, Edith, Isabel: (General Stanley’s other daughters)
  1. Same as Mabel
  1. Nanny dress apron and mob cap
  2. Red doublet with breeches and hat
Chorus Women:
  1. Act I - Set of assorted period dresses, hats and parasols (parasols not provided)
  2. Act II - Nightgowns
Chorus Men:
  1. Act I - Pirates, assorted rough looking costumes
  2. Act II - English Bobbies, regulation uniforms and helmets